Bee's SmallWeb Journey, Ep.2

Web Web

Motherfucking Website - Some stuff about how the web is more accessible by default then it is mostly
Better Motherfucking Website - A response to the above, about how the default accessability could be better very easily
Grumpy Website - a big list of bad designs
Tonsky - Checkbox - A tribute to checkboxes
neonaut - Just a bunch of thoughts about the web


dedware - Beautiful Biological Art
Rondoel - Amazing Comics
Ditherit - Make any image dithered!
Diode Tapestry - Just some beautiful lifelike art and photography

Personal Sites

Castle Cyber Skull  - The coolest virtual castle you will ever visit (a true estimate to the early web)
Mothclub - Columbo - Columbo...
Simone's Computer - I heard you liked computers so i put computers in your computers


Defensive Computing Checklist - Protect yourself, Own your technology.
Ink & Switch - Interesting papers and experiments on how we interact with computers

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