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Welcome to my corner of the internet!

This site is a place for me to experiment, host my work, and generally mess around and find out

What I love

You might be able to tell that one of my loves is programming, as well as that, i love creating art, and minecraft! Anything that really lets me explore and express my creativity is fair game for me to enjoy!
I do also like reading. Neokosmos, of which i am the web dev for, is one of my favorite series to read, as well as hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. Tv shows are also fun, anything sci-fi for me! Star trek and all things sci-fi are another love!

But who am I?

I am a very "unique" individual, that is to say there is a lot going on for me.
I am autistic, Deaf, mute, a wheelchair user, have me/cfs, schizophrenic, and a whole host of other stuff.
With having low energy, i struggle to do things for a long time, and so often only have an hour or two a day of doing things.

What do i do?

As said above, i like to create art, but i also like to ramble and stream.
I also take commissions, if you'd like to commission me for a drawing, a small website, or even a 88x31 button!


I do commissions, for art, for websites. Here are some websites i have made: Neokosmos* Cosmoptera Deric Bindel

*: Beta site is not publically viewable, you may view it by joining the neokosmos discord server.

I also do art commissions; you can see my art style in my Art Gallery

Some things i made

Buttons Infinite Cricket Role Bearer (Discord Bot)

beefox, a orange fox-like creature with three tails, standing in a multicoloured portal leading to space
Mx. Bee Genderfluid Nonbinary Star/Stars AUS

Autistic,   Deaf,   Disabled,   Queer.
Activist,   Artist,   Programmer.

Whats PGP? mimuki's website neokosmos data relay 06 alterae Shooting Star Press

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Other things: