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Welcome to my corner of the internet!

This site is a place for me to experement, host my work, and generally mess around and find out

What I love

You might be able to tell that one of my loves is programing, as well as that, i love creating art, and minecraft! Anything that really lets me explore and express my creativity is fair game for me to enjoy!
I do also like reading. Neokosmos, of which i am the web dev for, is one of my favorite series to read, as well as hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. Tv shows are also fun, anything scifi for me! Star trek and all things scifi are another love!

But who am I?

I am a very "unique" indivisual, that is to say there is a lot going on for me.
I am autistic, Deaf, mute, a wheelchair user, have me/cfs, schizophrenic, and a whole host of other stuff.
With having low energy, i struggle to do things for a long time, and so often only have an hour or two a day of doing things.

What do i do?

As said above, i like to create art, but i also like to ramble and stream.
I also take commissions, if you'd like to commission me for a drawing, a small website, or even a 88x31 button!

Some things i made

Buttons Infinite Cricket Neokosmos Talk Bubbles CC (Minecraft Mod) Role Bearer (Discord Bot)

A three tailed fox inside a black hole
Mx. Bee Genderfluid Nonbinary Star/Stars AUS

Autistic, Deaf, Disabled.
Activist, Artist, Programmer.


Neokosmos: Website Administrator


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