Pebble Rebel

A journey about my new pebble watch

Today marks the day that i have fully repaired my pebble steel!
It took some time, and i didn't take photos because i did it for me not for the content.

When i got my pebble, the first thing i did was learnt to make a watch face! C is a somewhat known language to me but im def still learning, so there were a few weird mishaps. but i defintely have to thank the rebble discord for helping me learn!
My watch face took a few days, and im still tweaking it, however it is so fun to learn a newish language, and solve problems, so i can wear my own art!

a watchface with a fox showing low battery, 21deg, 15:17, and cloudy a mock up of the previous watch face, but with placeholder numbers and a bluetooth disconnect image a flicking motion of the watch to activate the backlight and display an early version of the watch face

as well as that, i have also done some hardware repairs to the watch! this previous wensday i went to a watch shop, and had them replace the old screws (torx t3) as one was stripped and needed removal and replacement, after that i opened it up, careful not to pull the vibration motor off, and stuck some folded up paper in the back. this was to reduce screen taring while i waited on my replacement zebra strip to arrive.
Today that part arrived, so i opened up my watch again and took the whole thing apart! the hardest part was probably slipping the new zebra strip into place, as it was thicker then the original (which was intentional), however i managed to squeeze it back into the motherboard and return everything to its regular place.

I still have a piece of paper with one fold in the back, down from 6 before repairs, just to make certain screen taring remains a thing of the past.

I'm not sure what i will do in future with this watch, however i do have a pebble time steel, but alas it is too heavy for me to wear comfortably. My plans for that include: making my own, lighter, case for it and swapping out the original, and also maybe turning it into a pocket watch. I do wish i could use it because i do like colour on my e-ink displays, but for now it shall remain untouched.