The Redstone Computing Revolution

23w07a: the jukebox snapshot


There have been some recent developments in minecraft redstone, that is that we can now automate jukeboxes. This at a glance seems cool but i believe it is going to lead to a revolution in redstone computing.

Previously, we could only store 4 bits per inventory slot, using shulkerboxes. this was done by filling shulkerboxes with certain amounts of items in order to have them output certain signals, from 1-16 1-15, with a dummy item (such as a shovel) acting as a 0. this allowed us to store 108 bits in a single chest, or 75 chests for a single kilobyte.
Now we can store 108 bits in a single shulkerbox, by using music discs. as when played in a jukebox they can output signals 1-16 1-15. this is massive, as it allows us to use shulkerboxes as containers rather then nibbles[1], allowing us to compact our data down by 27x. that's 2916 bits per chest, or 3 chests per kilobyte.

Along with this increase in data density, we also have an increase in read and write speed! read speed has increased to 20 bps from 5 bps [2]. write speed i have not calculated but i imagine it can be faster then hopper speed (10 bps) using instant dropper lines, which at that point it would only be a matter how how fast you can request data to be written.

with all of these changes, im expecting to see a boom in redstone computing soon! and i can say i am Very excited!

  1. A nibble is a term for half of a byte, or 4 bits. this is also equivalent to a single hex number. ↩︎

  2. calculated by Mr_Korwaldski ↩︎