One Year!

An entire year of drawing! and a list of my favorites

a three tailed fox wearing a strange party hat and sitting in front of a funfetti cake with a candle in the shape of the number one. rainbow text exclaims "1 year!" with a brush with rainbow paint beneath it.

I can't believe it has been an entire year of drawing every single day! (+ 4 days because i forgot the date)

Im so extremely proud of my work, and i feel i have improved a lot! so here are some of my favorites from this year of drawing.

my very first daily drawing: Lunch Munch
a cute little screm: a!
an experiment with textures: Making
some emotions: Doorway
minecraft time: minecraft time
playing with poses: dynamic pose
a slight spoiler to a book: an ode to peach
fighting ablests: chomp
some more different art: ankar
a fake movie poster: saladViolence
an eternity looking into space: stars
legs week arm spaghetti: weak arms
don't eat batteries kids: battery
happy hallows eve: halloween fox
epilogue: elevator
                     : physical form
my first proper animation: warblehole
you're gay: youre gay
my first complex animation: language
💻🔨: I still hate computers
some very pleasing feeling motion: falling owound
liquid physics: stirring
i really popped off this week honestly: formation
comfy: autism tent
i am so hecking gay: picnic...2!
this whole (ongoing) series of posts: Poly Cuddles
more liquid physics: lava lamp
i set this one to a soundtrack!: reclaimed
and this one too!: shooting star
yes! Yes! YES!: Gender Affirmed
and finally, the one i did on the actual anniversary: Is Gay, Does Crimes

and thats only 11.8% of everything i did this year!

i am so extremely proud of what i have done and i can't wait to do more!