bad habit artist bingo

a three tailed fox on a ladder painting circles around items on a bad habit artist bingo board. they have checked off: "comes up with ideas, does nothing", "forgot to sleep/eat/etc", "the urge to draw in the most inconvenient times", "hunched over desk like a gremlin", "nearly finished piece, hasn't saved the entire time", "fuck, wrong layer", "doesn't name layers", "free space", "backgrounds? Don't know em.", "where's my pen/stylus?", "forgot to sign/watermark piece.", "stylus/pen death grip", "zooms in focuses on details no one will see", "gets distracted in the middle of drawing with a new idea", "hides hands to avoid drawing them", "same face syndrome", and "forgot to flip the canvas".

(original by @NIGHTEXCISION, no longer on twitter)