An 88x31 button, with beefox.xyz on the left, and a three tailed fox blinking and bobbing up and down on the right. the .xyz is surrounded by a black hole effect, and there are stars in the background

Inspired by a friend i created this 88x31 (here scaled up by 10x) button. With screens as they are today, 88x31 is very small and often really blurry, however you can scaled them up with the css snippet image-rendering: crisp-edges to maintain their pixelated aesthetic.

This is in fact what i do to all my images on my site, as i prefer scaled up images to look exactly how i drew them with no blur introduced by scaling.

(note: when exporting an image with nearest neighbor, be sure to only stick to whole numbers when multiplying the size, otherwise it can look bad. you don't need to worry about this with css though luckily!)