[changelog 30.03.24]

I finally moved all my static files to a /static url so they weren't all on the base url, had to do a bit of fenagiling with that.

I also added metrics! just tells me how many times a page has been visited and the number of kudos. i have chosen not to put this on the actual site however because i don't like the peer pressure type feeling that would create, i also feel pressured by numbers to do Good Posting, so i have come up with a comprimse where for me the data is hidden by default and i have to press buttons to see it. it does also mean that kudos is avaliable on every page now and not just posts c:

I also added some css for insert and delete so that i can better update things!

I also removed the tweemoji script, meaning everything on my site is now first party, when you open my site you are only talking to me. one on one personal conversation. a lil gay if you ask me <3