[changelog 25.04.2024]

Yesterday, i was thinking once again about digital tombstones. The things we leave behind once we are no longer online for whatever reason. My site is not static, the server is programmed with nodejs, express, and liquid (and other irrelevant stuff). while some pages are more manually crafted, the blog/art pages autogenerate from the 800+ posts on my site (which is a lot wow), and then each post page is generated via its own page, markdown, etc.

This means as soon as i can no longer afford to pay my VPN bills, my website vanishes. I do not want this.

So yesterday and the day before i gave myself the task of making my site generator able to run on its own, apart from the actual web server itself. and i did that! i can now generate my entire site via a small script, and have that running every two weeks on my server, so in the worst possible case, i will only loose two weeks of my work. You can visit the archive here. The archive has a notice that it is an archive, and a date it was last updated!

It is being hosted on neocities, which i picked because it's goal has always been to provide free and good hosting for static sites, and while it is smaller then something like amazon, i think it will stick around for a long time. in fact the neocities supporter will be the second last subscription i have that i get rid of to reduce spending. (the last being the server itself). it's not perfect, but its the best solution for me, for now.

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